Monday, January 28, 2013

a book we are reading

Juergen and I just started reading a book called “why Christian kids rebel” by Tim Kimmel. Our kids are all pretty good. I know their youth pastor may have a different opinion. But so far we don’t have drug or alcohol problems, and no pregnancies. There are some bad attitudes, some disrespect towards authority. And we are trying the best we can to hold them up in prayer. To build them up, to teach them what they need to know. I guess we want to know if we are covering all the bases. We are not perfect parents. And we don’t have perfect kids. But I have hope that they will grow past these hard years, and find themselves. The book is funny. “My 17 year old daughter bought a thong bikini for the church pool party and can not seem to understand why I, as her mother can not stop hyperventilating”…”These are the kinds of incidents that jumpstart our relationship with God. It’s as though, during these crises, God puts two spiritual cardiac paddles on the side of our hearts, yells “clear” and gives us a jolt of reality.” I’ve personally seen many of my friends kids go through these difficult years and turn out as amazing adults. It does have an aging affect on the parents. I have hope my kids will also come through these years as amazing people…each one. And my hope is Juergen and I will also live to see them all established and living lives that honor God. But faith is what is hoped for…not all that is seen. I am happy for all those people that have easy kids. I had one myself. I call that grace. You are fooling yourself if you think it was your skill as a parent. Even the best parents see their kids rebel. And if they don’t rebel, you can count yourself blessed by unmerited favor. Amazing grace. I pray for grace. I pray for wisdom. And I pray for good influences. People that inspire them and help them find their way.

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