Thursday, January 24, 2013

There is still room for friends

I'm very excited about our trip to Italy May 18-June 1. But it's a big Villa, and there are lots of rooms available for friends. So if you are looking for a vacation with your family, or with a group of friends the Villa Migliarina is a very good deal. You can get a 2 bedroom apartment for about 600€ for 2 weeks. Our idea is to take day trips with our family and hang out with friends at the villa at night. Everyone doing their own thing, with some time spent together. Some jamming on guitars, some board games, some soccer, some pool time with friends. Or Juergen will hang out at the villa with Jessica and the kids, and I take a day trip to Florence to see the art. I hang out with Jessica and Juergen goes to Rome for the day. We can only do so much with Jessica. She mostly likes to stay in one spot. And last year the kids didn't want to leave the villa. They were happy to spend the whole day at the pool. So Juergen and I would love to have friends around to tour with.

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