Wednesday, January 09, 2013

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN - new video trailer

It's cold and dark outside. So I am dreaming of travel. I'm pretty sure I always dream of travel in January. By March I am fully engaged in my garden and Ok with staying home. I'm now looking at a short trip to London with Nicole, Thomas, Philip and maybe Sarah. I say maybe Sarah because I'm not really sure she could keep up with all the walking and museums. We would have 3 short days and 2 nights. I would want to see allot in that short time. I promised the boys I would take them to London one of these days. I took Nicole when she was 9 years old. I need to take Nicole to the Tate Modern. She should see the best modern art because this is what she is studying. And we should see a show. Maybe the Lion King because of the masks. But I noticed that “Singing in the rain” is showing in London. That would be a great show. All that dancing! And if we have time I would want to see the green house at Kews garden. And I’m guessing it’s best to see the garden in the spring. So maybe we should go the 2nd week of Easter vacation? And I checked ticket prices for America. Maybe I can go to see my family for 2 weeks in September. I could be there for my dad’s birthday? I would love to have my parents here for a month but I can not afford the tickets. I’m not sure my dad could manage another flight anyway. So far a few friends have expressed interest in going to Italy with us next year (2014). So perhaps we will wait until then? Maybe we will try Holland again? I love Texel but it does get so cold. But I do love it there! And it is cheap. We would go to Thailand in a heart beat, but it cost too much. We are thinking of taking the family to Thailand for our 25th wedding Anniversary. That is in 2015. But by then it may only be Sarah and Jessica with us. The boys and Nicole will be grown up by then. None of these plans are in stone, but it’s free to dream. Only God knows what he has planned for us in 2013.

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