Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Make Vermicompost

I did this in Leimen but never got around to building a new worm bin. So I ordered new worms. I'll start another worm bin. Make sure and put something under it to catch the worm pee. That can be used in compost tea. We want to start setting up our straw bales in the vegetable garden. They need a few months of rain water and a natural compost like worm compost. After a few months of the straw breaking down, you can plant in the straw bales. I have about a dozen straw bales I bought last fall. I thought I would try straw bale gardening this year. I won't do it in the whole garden, just a section. And then next year, I'll take the used straw to cover my raised beds. The straw mulch in my vegetable garden has been amazing! I'm sold on mulch! The ground improved so much in one season. And I only needed to water my vegetables 3 times all summer.

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