Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Old blog posts

I'm reading old posts from my blogs and I find it great to look back on the years of growth. Thursday, August 19, 2010 (packing for a trip to Holland) the last min stress of getting out the door So I have the kids packed. The toys, roller blades, beach toys etc… I’m on my last load of laundry (I think). The car is cleaned out. The kids are not happy, but they are cleaning their rooms. Actually the boys are having a power struggle. I wish they each had their own room. They are trying to out lazy each other. When will they get past this awful stage? God please give me grace! We have a big car, but I’m not really sure how we will fit it all in. Juergen is a genius at packing. I’m sure he will manage it. He will be saying “Amy, you can not bring the whole house” but he will manage it. He is so blessed to be at work today. He doesn’t need to listen to the battle of the bedroom. Oh I wish I had a job ( you know what I mean)! Thursday, November 15, 2007 (You're Fired) Philip & Thomas got fired from their first job. I gave them the responsibility of picking Sarah up from kindergarten. Yesterday I got called into the directors office for a talk. I guess the wild boys would arrive at the kindergarten, run through the school, announce to poor Sarah lets go, and just race each other home. Poor Sarah was left racing behind them, leaving half her stuff at school. Any way, the director told me the boys could not pick Sarah up anymore. It made me feel sick! I think the boys were just so caught up in racing each other, they forgot why they were sent in the first place. We hope they will be given another chance by the director in a few weeks. We want them to learn how to be responsible. I know they can do this...they just made a mistake. Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Sarah was fighting with her brother Philip today. They fight allot lately. They are oil and water. Anyway, I went into Philips room to break them up. I told Sarah she could come in the kitchen and work with me. She grabbed my arm and said "My Mama"! I think it was the very first time she has said my named in that overly possessive tone of hers. It felt kind of good! She helped me with the dishes. She just loves to work. I paid her too. I gave her a box of peanuts. She was pretty proud of her peanuts! Thursday, December 21, (part of a short review of 2006) In March we saw Sarah for the very first time. I had been praying to adopt from China. You could say I was obsessed with the idea! Poor Juergen (trying to maintain some sanity) kept saying no! I kept looking at Special needs lists. One day in March (March 3rd) after looking at hundreds of photos of waiting kids, I saw her. I was pretty sure she was the one! I asked Juergen, and he said maybe...let me pray about it! One thing that was amazing about Sarah is she was holding a rubber ball in her hands. The ball had butterflies on it. Before I had made my trip to Southern California, my best friend Cindy T. had her small group prayed for us. They are pretty prophetic. One person had a word of knowledge. She said, I see her catching butterflies. When Cindy told me this in December 2005, I knew it had something to do with our adoption. Now Sarah was in this photo with a ball covered in butterflies. Long story short, we applied to adopt Sarah (who is by the way the only child Juergen ever even considered praying about). We received pre approval to adopt her on April 28Th. Our paper chase was long and bumpy...but all the important documents finally went to China at the end of October. We now wait for China to give us travel approval. We hope to travel with our whole family in early 2007.

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