Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Buying stuff for the garden

I've been busy ordering a few things for our garden. First I ordered these noise makers that run on solar power. They are suppose to chase away moles. We have a very serious mole problem. We did use these things and they helped. But our noise makers could be heard by the neighbors and they didn't like the clicking sound. These send a vibration and high pitched noise into the earth. And perhaps we can chase those moles away. Of course they will probably run to the neighbors house...and I'm sorry about that. We are not allowed to kill them, and we have had no luck trapping them. Our garden is covered with mole hills. We need to do something. I also bought a shredder to shred my compost. Nicole has been busy giving the perennials a haircut. We don't have any trees to compost, just stems and leaves. But shredding it will help everything compost quicker. And I bought 2 new compost bins made from wood, and one thermal compost bin to put in the greenhouse. I hope to shred all my garden waste and build new compost piles. I have 3 piles now, but it all needs to be turned and cleaned up. I basically just need to clean everything up and start getting it ready for spring planting. Finally I bid on a pair of spiked shoes. they put holes in the grass. And you then spread sand on the grass to improve the drainage. Our grass is an awful mess. It's a goal to improve the grass this year.

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Shelley Stuewe said...

The gopher thing works if you have a lot of them in your yard. I had two and they moved to the backyard.