Sunday, February 06, 2011


Jessica's teacher is still sick. I think we had the same bad cold. She will not be able to work tomorrow. So I guess Jess will stay home a day or 2 more. It's good I am a stay at home mom. I'd have a hard time keeping a job.
Thomas starts at his new school tomorrow. Today it's just getting the supplies together. I think we have most everything. If not, Jessica and I will shop for it tomorrow.

I made Sarah's birthday party invitations. She has a small party on Saturday with 3 friends from school. We allowed her to invite who ever she wanted, but she wanted it small.

I help her bake cup cakes for school tomorrow. And Jessica and I will shop (God willing) for her gifts. I wanted to shop last week, but I was just too sick. I'm still run down, but not too bad. I think I'll live for now! Juergen is weak but also better.

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