Wednesday, February 09, 2011

just water for my soul

Nicole and I got to go to a worship concert lead by Sean Feucht. To be honest with you, I had heard his name but didn't really know who he was. But the worship was pretty good. Loud, but good. The thing I was most blessed by was his stories about worshipping on the University campus' in America. I was a University pastor for 7 years. I love students. It blesses my heart to hear of revival breaking out at the Universities. He sang a song about swimming in Gods love. He wanted us to pretend to swim. I didn't feel like I didn't do it. Nicole did it. She enjoyed it. But I don't need to be silly to feel the joy of God. Believe me, I've done tones of silly things in my time. The whole time I was dreaming of being alone in my garden, alone with God. I saw my giant sunflowers.
Nicole told me her youth group is doing a missions week at church (just a week before her exams). I had to be the bad mom and say no...not wise...must focus. I haven't had to say no to Nicole much. She is usually wise all by herself. I just don't want her to get too tired and overwhelmed before her exams. Reality really isn't so fun sometimes! Thomas can do the missions week...Nicole has to study. There are seasons for everything.

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