Thursday, February 03, 2011

This too will pass

I took Philip, Sarah, Thomas and Jessica to see the Dr today. Jessica was pretty stressed out. The other 3 were actually very good! But I'm still pretty sick. It's very cold outside. We had freezing rain today. I need to be careful. I keep pushing the tea. It seems like I'm getting better, then I have to go out in the cold again. I took the kids to the Dr, Nicole to the train station, Sarah to her karate class, then picked them all up again. In and out from the warm house to the cold. It's killing me! And sadly, Juergen isn't much help. He has the heaviest work load I've seen him have in years. He is working way to hard! I’m sure I’ll recover just in time to take care of him. He seems to be getting sick too. I really hope he can slow down a little. I’m grateful he has a job…but I don’t want it to kill him!

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