Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy but good week

Thomas bagan school, and we had to figure out the transportation there and back. I think we have it worked out. Juergen takes him to SAP where he can catch a direct bus to school. Then Thomas rides the bus to Sandhausen after school and I pick him up from there. He could ride a bus home to Leimen from Sandhausen, but he would need to wait an extra half hour. So for now that is how it will work. He enjoyed his first week. He feels included, and the level of work is a bit lighter(easier). So he got an A on his first math test. He has no more French. One of his teachers is also the leader of his summer camp. And He plays soccer ever day! It was a good beginning!

Sarah had her 8Th birthday this week. Her party is today. Juergen took 4 of her friends to jump in an indoor play park. He can make phone calls and get some work done while the kids run and play.

I just finished a slide show for my church. it's for 3 baby dedications. That took a few hours but I think it turned out OK. I have been really run down this week. I guess I'm still a little sick. At least that is how it feels. I guess it just takes awhile to fully recover from stuff.

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