Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day. The day of love and romance. But it’s also Monday, the beginning of another full and busy work week. Nothing kills romance like work and 5 kids! I asked Juergen if we could go to breakfast together (this was a few days ago). He generally can do that, but lately work is overwhelming. He looked at his calendar and said no…but maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Then you could see by the look on his face even those days would be stressful for him. So I said no, I wouldn’t enjoy it if he was too stressed out. Today he let me sleep in an extra 45 minutes. Sleep is better then roses! He had to rush off to take Thomas to school. I didn’t even get a kiss. But he called me later. He is so sweet. He called me, worried about the whole Valentines expectations. He shouldn’t worry! I appreciate the man who drives his son to school. And yesterday he took us all for a long walk. He is there for me every day. His love is real. All the movies and TV shows try to sell us the idea that romance is candles, roses and quite weekends away. All that is nice, and I’ve had my share of that over the years. Juergen never seems to be good at the “be romantic on the cue” thing. For example, Sarah got sick on our 20th wedding Anniversary, and we spent the day apart. He was in the hospital with Sarah, I was at home. He isn’t really good at making the “special days” special. What he is good at is making all the other days, the ordinary days special. He loves me everyday in small but significant ways. And I love him. I like it like that!

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