Sunday, February 13, 2011

A nice day out

We took the kids on a walk in Bad Schönborn today. We wanted to look closer at the area because we are still interested in a house there. They have a small skate park in front of the school Philip would go to. The school is right across the street from the FEG Bad Schönborn (daughter church of the church we go to in Heidelberg). I feel like the Heidelberg church needs us right now, so even when there is a great church 5 minutes from our house...I'm pretty sure we would keep going to Heidelberg for now. But any way, I loved the area. It was so quite and peaceful! The kids were so relaxed and free. They stayed for hours and didn't want to leave. The school is much better then the school Philip goes to now. They have people from the community that come in and tutor the kids in reading (Philip needs that). and they have a program where they care for dogs in the school. Philip loves dogs! And they have a very good soccer team. Philip loves that. They also have allot of art. Philip loves that. They teach the kids skills so they can prepare for professions like gardening and plumbing. There is no training at the school he attends now. For Philip it would be a very good move. Anyway, I loved the freedom and peace of the place. I wouldn't mind my kids running and playing there. It is a very nice area.

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