Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ok, I'll look at it

I decided I will not go see the house in Bad Schönborn next Tuesday. I think they are using us. The Real Estate agent shows the house to another family on Tuesday. If we see it at the same time it could pressure that family (or us) to buy the house NOW!!!! He offered to have an architect there to give us an idea of the cost of an addition. But it's his architect...I see a conflict of interest. I want to find my own person, even if we do have to pay them. In the mean time, Nicole told me that the house in Leimen/St Ilgen is actually South East facing. I also heard we could perhaps buy the garden space next to the house. So I asked to see this old house on Saturday. I actually love what I see...but the location is a bit loud. But Juergen is the one most bothered by noise, and he says it’s Ok. It would keep us near all we do now. No school changes, or any other changes. I’m also wondering if we could just buy the house, and also keep our house as a rental house? I don’t know if we can afford this? Maybe? There is a pretty high demand for rental houses in our area. I think the rent would actually cover the mortgage at this point. I'm just open to what ever God has in mind! I just want to be wise.

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