Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it really Spring?

My spring bulbs are pushing out of the ground. I even saw one tree covered in flowers today. I need to get out into the garden and do some cleanup work. But the wind is still blowing pretty cold air. Sometimes it looks like it would snow again. It may really be Spring in some parts of the world but I'm not sure I trust it!
I got a call from the real estate broker, He wants us to look at the Bad Schönborn house again on Tuesday next week. I guess he will be showing it to someone else then. Maybe he thinks our seeing it with someone else will push us to decide...or push the person looking? We need an architect to give us an idea of the cost of adding on to the house. It is way too small for us as it is. I like the place allot but I'm not ready to say yes. Some times God just places thoughts in my head. One thought I've been thinking about is "He had it in mind before I was made". I know that God knows the whole story...and where I live is already known to God. I will not miss it! In the right time it will be made clear. So if this is our house, we have time to really decide. And if someone else buys it first...well I guess something else waits to be made known!

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