Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life is funny

I was going to church to pick up Nicole from a Bible study. I drove by a new store that's having it's grand opening tomorrow. They have these super big balloons hung around the doorway. A bunch of the balloons broke free and hint my car. I stopped the car and grabbed the balloons. I carried them to a worker in the store. They said, "Oh let them go"! I said ok. So I took the balloons and put them in my car. I of course had no room for Nicole and her friend. I rushed home, dropped off my balloons and returned to pick up Nicole. Orange is the color of Oregon State University. OSU is in Corvallis ,Oregon, where my parents live. I'll be there God willing on Sunday. It's funny that a big bunch of Orange balloons hit my car!

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Shelley said...

This is funny