Saturday, February 06, 2010

burlap garden

Burlap Bags Close Up Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw a few videos on you tube about garden sox’s. They are very cool giant sox's that are filled with high quality compost mix. You can put them anywhere to grow a garden. You just need to cut a hole in them and stick in a plant. Well, the idea is super but the sox cost allot of money. I thought about it, and figured I could fill burlap bags with good garden mix to get the same effect for much less money. I just went on e-bay and found a good deal on burlap bags. I bought 25 bags for 17 Euros. That should give me enough bags to plant two balcony’s. I will have a dozen tomatoes and another dozen peppers, lettuce and who knows what else. Maybe I can even plant out the roof of our garage? I would need to lay down something to protect the roof...but maybe it could work? When you live with such a tiny yard you have to get creative. I will also look into drip irrigation for these sacks. I want them to be very low maintenance.

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