Monday, February 08, 2010

Good garden news

We are leaning towards staying in our house at least until summer 2011. I'm really fine with that, I just want a bigger garden. I have an old friend that lives right around the corner from a house I may want to buy (if they lower the price). My friend is very busy (too busy to do much with her large garden). I asked her if I could put raised beds in her yard for a large vegetable garden. I would do most of the work and we could share the fruit. She said yes!!! So I will be looking at the yard next week during the kids vacation. Perhaps we will build the raised beds and plant the garden during the Easter vacation. In the mean time, I washed all my extra starter pots. I cleaned up my green house. I am sorting seeds. When the new green house heater arrives in the mail I will plant seeds. I'm going to try to start most of my plants from seeds. That's to save money. I could have rented a garden, but I would rather invest in a friends yard. I will get fresh fruits and vegetables for my family- and her family. And the raised beds will improve her yard forever. If I rented a garden it would cost me more money, and the investment blesses the next renter. I hope to have my own big garden one day.

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Rick Moreno said...

good call