Monday, February 08, 2010

Good news, she said yes

My brother Rick asked his friend Amy to marry him. The good news is she said yes. We are all very happy for them both. I haven't been around to meet my new sister (I knew her in high school)...but I've observed her from afar. She seems to be the sweet, spiritual, strong and sensible sort of women I know my brother has been praying for. I'm very impressed at how well she has reached out to my whole family. She isn't the kind that wants to pull Rick away from his life, family and friends. Instead she has sought to fit into all he feels important. I'm certain he also embraces her world. That's really how it should be. I am shopping for airline tickets. I hope to be there this summer to give them my love and support. If you find a good wife, you find a good thing! Congratulation Rick and Amy!

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