Friday, February 26, 2010

Give me peace

I'm trying to find my peace. The wind is blowing hard outside. I have to fly early tomorrow. We leave the house at 3am (fun). I'm actually anxious about these strong winds. I sure don't want to die on this trip! I'm happy to be seeing my family but I wish everyone was well. Rejoice with those who do rejoice and weep with those who weep. Please pray for a safe's so stormy here. Please pray for my mom who is having knee surgery today, and my nephew Gary who is in the hospital. I need grace…I need God’s hand of protection and favor to rest on me and my whole family. Juergen will have his hands full. It’s not so easy to take care of our 5 kids, and he plans to work part time. I filled the freezer, and cabinets with food. He won’t need to shop for awhile. The laundry is done. I’m going to run the vacuumed over the floor. Tonight we eat pizza and watch a movie together. I love my family. I have it really good here. I’m always a wreck before I travel, and then I manage to relax once I’m gone. You would think I would be pretty good at this…but I’m not. I’m a mess! It’s probably hormones screwing me up. It feels like mega bad PMS. I sure can not walk by emotions.


Shelley said...

Traveling is a challenge sometimes, you wonder what you've forgotten is everything taken care of at home.

We pray for a safe travels.

You will be fine once your on the plane, bring a book you've been wanting to read, a pillow for your head and a blanket for a good nap on the plane.

see you soon

Rick Moreno said...

Perhaps you have already left. Just know you are in good hands and so is your family. Jurgen you are the best. We love all of your family much. I will see you soon in Seattle. Love you. Now relax.