Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a great way to spend a cold day

Nicole, Jessica and I are all sick with a bad cold. I spent two hours with Nicole looking at you tube videos on growing tomatoes. She is very interested in plants. We are both excited about our garden. I pulled out the seed catalog. Now that I know I'll have the space, I can dream of what I'll plant. I want the coolest veggies ever! Heirloom tomatoes grown for the taste, and sweet pepper in a variety of colors. I also want gourds to dry so Nicole can paint on them(just like she did in Cyprus last year). There are huge varieties of basil for different types of cooking. There are also a wide variety of salad lettuce. Oh, and potatoes!!! I love red potatoes! They cost so much in the store! I want a good cooking pumpkin, and a good carving pumpkin. What’s your favorite garden plant?

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