Friday, July 31, 2009

OSU ? Maybe even CHS!!!

Nicole is going into her Jr year of high school. She is already looking at American Universities. At the top of her list is Oregon State University. Why? Because she could study both art and plant science. She could also live for free at Grandma and Grandpa's house (at least for awhile). International tuition is $19,000 per year. In state tuition is under $6,000 per year. It only takes one year for her to establish she is thinking of going there for a year first and then starting school. So the question is what can she do in Oregon for one year? She could work? I'm thinking she could actually go to Corvallis High School and get an American high school degree. Germany has such a high academic standard, an US high school should be super easy for her. If she can pull straight A's then she could get some good scholarships. She could also take the US SAT. It could be fun and worth the year of effort. Nicole is actually graduating a year early from German high school. Many of her friends go to America for a year, she would just do it after she finishes here. Any way, this is the present idea. I just read the CHS web site. She could take AP classes in German and European History, and Biology (easy A's for Nicole). If she does this she can earn credit towards college, bypassing at least half her freshman year at OSU. She can also join the German club and the jazz band (she plays jazz guitar). How cool is that?

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caring for the garden said...

We realize this is just an idea at this point, but sounds cool to us. Grams & Grandpa M