Monday, July 27, 2009

The last week of school

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Yes, I know most of you are already planning on sending your kids back to school. I even read a blog that said they are already back to home school (they want to take some weeks off in the fall). Well, our kids are enjoying their last week of school. We begin the 6 week summer vacation Thursday. Nicole goes to camp on Saturday. The boys go to camp a week later. Then we go to Thailand for two weeks. The last 2 weeks are free. I have some appointments in those last two weeks, but mostly we plan to be home! So this week we had the last this…and the last that. I’m looking forward to the extra sleep each morning. It’s rained so much this summer it doesn’t feel like it could be August. I’ve got to go do some work in the garden. The roses are so rusty, and the weeds have taken over.

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