Friday, July 03, 2009

the controlled press

This is the whole discussion on the White House press control. Why have "freedom off the press"? Freedom of the press is a check and balance in America. Obama wants to push his agenda forward, and he sells stuff like government run health care, like the majority is on his side. He stacks the media coverage in his favor. But no opposing view is given a voice in his "town hall meetings". They pre select the questions, pre select the audience. He markets his views like someone doing an infomercial! When will the press start doing their job? They sure didn't do it during the campaign. They gave the hard questions to McCain and pitched softballs to Obama. So now Obama is toying with the idea of a tax on healthcare (McCain’s idea) and his foreign policy looks allot like the policy of Bush (look at his North Korean policy for example). Maybe President Obama is realizing the job is harder then it looked and he can not live up to all his grand ideas. He for example pushed his budget through, and did not give Congress time to read it. He did not put it online for days, as promised. This was going to be the “open and transparent” administration. Baloney!!! I want healthcare reform in America, but they should take the time to do what really works. They seem to be pushing to get "it" done, even if its a plan that will bankrupt the country. Doesn't anyone in Washington have any wisdom? They seem more then willing to kill the nation in an attempt to get "it" done!!! I personally think they should restrict lawsuits on Drs and hospitals. Doctors spend way too much trying to protect themselves from getting sued. They don't do medicine to help people, they do it to cover themselves from malpractice. Take lawyers out of the medical industry and you will save 50% of the costs of health care! McCain had a reasonable plan for health care but the democrats feel the US Government could do a much better job controlling it’s own program. It seems the democrats think we should nationalize everything because the government is just so much better at running everything!

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