Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a 12 passenger van

I just booked our car in Thailand. The best deal was a 12 passenger van ....how cool is that? It is an automatic with unlimited miles and of course air conditioning and GPS. I don't think we would try to go it alone with out GPS. We were going to go with out a car, but felt like we could manage a little more adventure this time. Juergen understands Bangkok pretty good. Both our vacation apartments have free parking. I'm sure I'll still take a few tuk tuks. Anyway, I can take lots of luggage there and back. If you have anything you want to give to Thomas and Philips orphanage let me know. I would love toys, cloths, and shoes. Very gently used or new stuff please. We leave in 29 days and I'm getting pretty excited!!! The best way to keep kids from fighting in a car is to make sure they all get a window seat! Now I can get Juergen to stop at all the cool road side shops... Oh yes this will be great!!!


Shelley said...

You'll have a great time

Rick Moreno said...

How cool is that!