Saturday, July 04, 2009

You had to be there

First I want to say happy 4th of July (HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA)! It's generally not even noticed by us living in Germany. Today we did some yard work, and Juergen will grill some American burgers tonight.
Yesterday Sarah was ready to go to school. She gave me a kiss and told Juergen to give me a kiss too. He said he would give me a kiss later. To that, Sarah crossed her arms and legs, tossed up her head and said..."I'll wait"! Juergen and I laughed and laughed. I got my kiss too!!! You had to be there!

Today I was shopping with Nicole. We went to one store to return bottles and buy cheese for our burgers. Nicole had a shopping cart for the bottles. You stuff the bottles into a machine and get a piece of paper to take to the cashier. So Nicole walks up to the cashier with an empty shopping cart, and one package of cheese. The cashier gives her this look??? She came back to the car laughing her head off!!! It made me think about God. He says we can pray for anything at all (like we have a shopping cart). All heaven must be looking at most of us with the same strange expression...because we only ask for a small item like cheese. When will we dare to ask for a full cart?

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Amy in Arizona said...

Sarah is too funny!! I really liked your cart analogy! Derek is out of a job right now and we really want to move to Sacramento. He has been thinking he should just be praying for a job here, and that it that would be easier. But he has come to realize that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and if we really want to move to Sacramento, that is okay!! We can pray for that too!! AND he just had an interview there on Thursday that went miraculously well!! I hope you enjoy(ed) (I'm not sure what time it is there) your American hamburgers!! We're having the same!!