Tuesday, July 07, 2009

hope in action

I read a story just now about a fan of Michel Jackson who lives in England. He registered to win a ticket to the memorial and then got on a flight to LA. He found out he was not one of the few fans who won a ticket. Then a women who did win 2 tickets gave one of her tickets to him. I'm not a fan of Michel Jackson, but I had to smile at the faith this man had to just get on a flight and hope for the best. Good for him! Do you have that kind of faith? I do. We had an invitation from the Thai adoption board to come to Thailand to pick up Philip. We bought our tickets and packed our bags. Two days before we were to travel, we got an e-mail saying do not come. We could not reach anyone because it was almost New Years. So we decided to go anyway. They didn't let us adopt Philip, or even see Philip. We were in Thailand for two weeks and were looking at returning home with out our son. It was devastating! But we called a women who had been an exchange student in Oregon. My parents where her host family. She worked in the Thai government, and her boss was good friends with the Prim Minister of Thailand. He made some phone calls, and all of a sudden we got to see Philip, and we got to adopt Philip. We had to stay one extra week in Thailand, but it worked out! I admire the faith or hope that would cause someone to just get on a flight and see what will happen.


Rick Moreno said...

Thanks for reminding me of that adventure. Faith can move mountains!

Rick Moreno said...

Amy- I think I finally figured out how to post!Hooray for me. Check out No worries...it's just paint!