Wednesday, July 08, 2009

keeping my eyes on Gov. Haley Barbour

I'm very interested in Politics. I don't think I would vote for Sarah Palin for President even if I like her...and I really like her. One of the people I find interesting is Gov. Haley Barbour. I love to listen to him because he is humble and strong and wise and balanced all at once. I don't know much about him but I’m going to keep my eye on him. If the republicans have a future leader, he might be it? I also like Tim Polenti, but I think he lacks the authority and confidence to get elected to national office. He is a smart guy, and would have been my pick for VP. Like I said, I like Sarah Palin very much, but I just don’t think she has what it takes to be the President. I do expect great things from her….after all you don’t have to be President to be great!

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