Wednesday, July 08, 2009

uncomfortable with the hype

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Know one can question that Michael Jackson was a brilliant talent. He was mega famous. But did he deserve the world wide media coverage he got over the last week, and everything "stopping" to cover his funeral? Also, I found it odd that so many act like he is a black hero. He was a very troubled person, and he probably died from drug use. Famous ok, a I just feel uncomfortable with that. His family lost someone they loved. I am sorry for them. Michael Jackson seemed to have a million friends at his funeral, but was said to be a lonely man. It also makes me question how many of these folks love Jackson, and how many are just trying to promote themselves? I find this kind of sad. I can honor his talent, he was brilliant. I am very cautious about all the rest. I can not blame his family for trying to preserve a positive legacy for him...but stuff is bound to come out. I suspect it will get really ugly. How many of these people will be trying to distance themselves from Michael Jackson in the coming days? I'm uncomfortable with the whole thing. I do not want to speak ill of the man, I just question the hype!

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