Friday, July 17, 2009

Health care in the US

The US needs health care reform, but not what they are now pushing! I hope that Obama’s health reform will not pass because it's going to cause even higher unemployment! But they need to do something to help the millions of un insured people. Maybe they should look to Israel? BTW, McCain said we should tax health care, and the tax would cover the cost of insuring the uninsured. Obama refuses to tax health care, so now he has zero way to pay for his plan. If I was rich living in the USA, I would think about moving out of the country. Obama thinks he has a right to all your money! What a mess he is making!

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Shelley said...

It's frustrating you work very hard all your life paying as you go without government assistance. Finally your work pays off in your old age and you have to save for retirement yourself as well you should and the government thinks you should give them your money that you need to save for your retirement and health care because they don't have it.
So they are going to try to make the rich dependent on them like every one else.
It's a mess.
I'm glad my help comes from the Lord and not the government.
Eric and I can't retire we have to work for as long as humanly possible.
And hopefully the government won't take away the retirement we attempting to save up for.
Still the US is one of the best places to live despite the problems we have.