Wednesday, June 10, 2009

where to stay?

I think I found us a good house to stay in in Hua Hin. I wanted something that was very close to the beach, and had a good pool. I know the kids will basically live in the pool. I also wanted to be pretty close to the town. We do not want to rent a car (just to save money). Tuk Tuks are a fun and cheap way to get around. A rental car would add almost 1000€ to our costs (we need a 7 passenger car and this cost more). I would much rather take a tuk tuk. Most of the rental property is either too small for our big family, or too far away from the beach, or too expensive. When I first started to look, I did not know what I wanted. Now I've got it narrowed down to two choices. A 3 bedroom apartment in the complex we have been in before. The advantage is the pools, and direct beach access. The second choice is a beach house that is 4 bedroom. It is a two min walk to the beach, and the shared pool is not as good...but good enough. The apartment is cheaper and has better pools. The house is nicer and bigger. I guess it's choosing a bigger house or a bigger garden. To be honest, I think I will go for the smaller and cheaper apartment. Most of our time will be spent outside. If the apartment is available I think we should take it? Don’t you wish you had this problem? I need to stop and praise God for blessing us with this amazing opportunity. What a great opportunity. I love Thailand. It feels like home to me. I would love to spend the winters there when Juergen retires. Jessica has even written that she would like to go there to write a book after she finishes school. I’m so excited about the chance to go back to our families “special” place. Here are some photos from the garden in the Hua Hin apartment. I took these photos on our last trip. That was almost 3 years ago. We were waiting for Sarah. Jessica turned 15 on that trip, and Thomas turned 9 there. Where has the time gone? The kids are all growing up so fast. Jessica is almost 18 years old. How could that be? I feel compelled to live my life while I can. There will not be so many chances for our whole family to travel together. Soon Nicole will be off to University. I feel like I'm in a very precious space of time...I want to cherish these moments.


BCricket said...

Wow! Where does the time go? I don't blame you for wanting to spend the time with the family and enjoy every minute of it. Kids grow way too fast! I hope you have a great time. I miss you all! Love, Bridget

Shelley said...

I'm with Bridget, it gets harder as the girls get older they have limited time off.

I usually have to save up to see them and work it out with their schedules.

They have to allow for their own personal time and the family in Brazil.

It's a challenge for all of us.

We try to see Nate and Lissa once a month but it doesn't always work out because of work schedules.

We try to see Leo and Carmen once and if we are able to save enough twice a year.

We make sure that when we do see each other it's going to be pleasant and memorable.