Tuesday, June 09, 2009

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Shelley said...

Goodwill is so on top of things now that it's hard to find bargains like this anymore.

Their prices on everything have gone up so much no more 4 for a $1 bins or 50 cent bins. Pants start at $7 now. They are half of some retail stores. You do have to examine things closely because they don't and the return policy isn't what it use to be.
The NW Goodwill CEO has made it a business, and has made millions personally because of it. So a lot of your funds isn't going directly to the actual need.
I still shop and donate there because it's handy.

The ARC helps handicap people and they are what the GW use to be where most of the money goes to the actual cause. ARC also has reasonable prices.

Now as far as resale shops go nothing beats the one in McMinnville called New to you. Everything is color coordinated according to size and everything has been checked out for tears, stains and loss buttons. They don't take damage goods.