Monday, June 29, 2009

Sometimes the best answer is wait

I've really been stressed trying to find the perfect place for Juergen's 50th birthday party. Every good place is already booked until late fall. The weather in the fall is generally wet and cold, so anything outside would be unwise. I kept running into road blocks, I won't bore you with the frustrating details. The place I think I really want for the party is unavailable until next year. If we have the party next summer then we will have more time to plan, and save for it. Our budget is pretty stretched this year because of Cyprus, and Thailand, and buying a new car. Next year we could better pay for a big party. So anyway, I came up with the idea of a 100 year party. Next year Juergen will be 51, and I'll be 49. We could have a big party together to celebrate our 100 years...and then we could have this year to really plan the party. So this is what we decided to do. We are going to wait. I think we will try to look at this cool rental house by the river. If it looks like a good location, we will set a date and book the house. I've got such a killer to “do list”(mostly for Philip and his school and medical needs). I just don't have the energy at present to devote to this party for Juergen. I feel such a relief that we can just wait until next year. Juergen is so cool about stuff like this! Everything has it’s time…this was feeling so forced. I think it’s always good advice to stand still and wait if you do not know the right way to go. Wait for direction.

These are photo's of the house I'm looking at. It sleeps 12 people and is next to the forest and river. It has a very large living room, and dinning room and patio. You can rent canons and boats. There is also a large outdoor fireplace. It is not expensive. I think it would be perfect, but only if the weather is good. It gives us room for our out of town guests, a party location, and activities for our guests all at an affordable price. I emailed the owner so we can look at the place before we decide.

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Shelley said...

I like that idea it seems easier for guests and for you two and the budget. When you have more time to plan you can do a better job and have time to find what your looking for.