Friday, June 26, 2009


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I woke up to the news that Michel Jackson died. He was an extreme. Extremely talented, and extremely tragic. I think they made him a freak,,,a sad creature in a world wide side show. Fame is a dangerous thing. His level of fame is toxic. I'm sure most people will remember his music. I remember watching him live doing the moonwalk for the very first time. We all tried to copy him. He was brilliant. I loved his music. But the only word I could use to describe him is tragic. It's sad that someone who had so much could be so broken. There are very few famous people who are happy. It makes you wonder why anyone would want to be famous? It never seemed like he loved himself. He was always trying to change who he was. I guess self love and acceptance is part of what brings peace. That is true for the famous and un-famous. Jesus said we should love our neighbor as ourselves. There are two parts to that golden rule.

To change the subject….we are not sure if we can send Philip to the Waldorf school. We just couldn’t find peace with the strange spiritual input the school has. I feel pretty distressed about where or what we should do for Philip. For now he needs to remain where he is at. There is no other choice. We are pursuing speech therapy and occupational therapy, play therapy and
Nero feedback. We can not do everything at once. We need wisdom. He is doing better in his school, but the social influence is not good. They also do very little to teach him. It makes me sad not to have a good choice for him. I will keep looking. I just know that I do not like to expose Philip to this wrong spiritual environment. They are in many ways a good school for Philip. The style of learning is positive and encouraging. I wish it was Christian but it's very "new age". Most of the parents are well educated and caring. Most of the kids he goes to school with now are in crises. They are all single mom families, and there is much domestic violence. The kids bring this stress to school and it has an awful effect on Philip. Last night Juergen and I decided to not send Philip to Waldorf school, but today we are having 2nd thoughts. It is very good in so many ways, perhaps it is what is best?

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caring for the garden said...

Perhaps you could ask to spend some time at the school to better evaluate it based on first hand observation. Whatever you decide, you need to have a degree of peace about it.