Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

They don't actually have a father's day here in Germany...well not like they do in America. Father's day in Germany is sort of an after thought, a day for men to go out and drink. I wish I was in America today, I would love to take my dad out to eat. I love you dad! I will call you today! Juergen also has a wonderful dad! As for Juergen, what could I say? He is a great of the best I've ever seen. Today will be your average Sunday. We take turns going to church. I am home today taking care of Jessica, Juergen is with the kids at church. We will eat a simple lunch of spaghetti. We meet some friends in the park later in the day. Nothing grand...but life is always grand with this wonderful man I am so blessed to be married to. I didn't get him a gift or a card. I'm actually planning his 50th birthday party. We had a party in Cyprus, but we want to do something locally for friends and family. We are thinking of doing something in the fall. I could celebrate Juergen all year. Last night he listened to my new audible book "Ann of Green Gables" with me. We thought it was so funny when they were deciding to keep the orphan girl Anne (that is Ann with an e). I remember very well the times Juergen made that choice to adopt our 3 kids. Those where not easy choices. It took him a long time to decide to be a dad to Philip, Thomas and Sarah. But he is a dad to extraordinary dad. Thank God for my wonderful friend! I am so grateful for him!

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