Thursday, June 25, 2009

Girls? Back OFF!!!

A girl in Thomas' class phoned him 3 times yesterday. We had to tell him we do not allow him to have a girl friend. We think he is too young (he is only 11 years old). He was happy to receive the attention. I'm sure it makes him feel good to be "liked". But kids that are in romantic relationships at an early age often fail to develop a good sense to self. You need to feel comfortable alone, you need to know who you are without being defined (or limited) by someone else. I can not control what he does at school, and if he will honor our wishes. I hate to be the mean mom that always says no. I just care about his future. I want him to develop a good foundation so he will one day be able to have a healthy, long-term relationship. Don't you think girls are too aggressive towards boys these days? They also have low self worth. They want to wear a boy at their side, like he was some sort of handbag or something. I don't think they care much for Thomas...they just want a boyfriend because it makes them feel important. Philip has girls chasing him too. My boys are very least I think so. But they are off limits! They are still kids! What do you think?


caring for the garden said...

I totally agree, but then I am old fashioned. Actually, a good friend of the same gender is much more important in the formative years. A kid deffinately does need someone special that he/she can confide in and bounce ideas off of.

It does not always have to be a same sex friend, it may be someone that shares the same interests who is the opposite gender. It may also be a brother or sister.

But a boy or girlfriend persay before the age of 16 (maybe even older) is inviting trouble.

Shelley said...

The trying years for both parent and preteen.
Keeping them busy in activities and interest help but there are a lot of kids out there who don't have parents (I mean they don't have parents that nurture them).
You will be saying No a lot and you do come off as the bad guy all the time, because a lot of parents aren't willing to say no.
Being in a prayer group of other parents, praying for your children will help you and your kid.
Nothing like having the support of prayer and others to get you threw the tough times.