Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dirty dancing

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Nicole's school class is going to Berlin in a few weeks. While they are there they will see the musical dirty dancing. Apart from the very sexual dancing in the show, I am offended by a 17 year old girl having a relationship with her much older dance instructor, and another girl getting an abortion. I find the show to be pretty pro abortion, and I am strongly opposed to abortion. We also feel the show sets a very bad role model for girls. Anyway, Juergen called the teacher to tell her we are not happy with the choice. Nicole has to stay with the class. She will most likely see dirty dancing. It will not kill her. I hope that the teacher comes up with a better plan. It's hard to know how far to push this sort of thing. We could make a bigger stink, but we don't feel that is the right way to go. I am glad we didn't just say nothing. This is suppose to be a night for the entire class to get out and have a good night. How can it be good if you are being "entertained" by something you find morally and ethically wrong? It of course does not bother the teacher or most of Nicole’s class. They do not share our values. This show is boarder line of what I would even allow. Maybe I should not even allow her to go, but she would have to sit outside the show alone. That would probably be more damaging then the show. I pray that they just can not get tickets to the show and that a better plan is made. The only thing the teacher could say about the show is "they have seen worse". That line has been bothering me. They have seen worse and this is a little better then worse! Why watch the bad, why not choose better. The teacher gave them a list of trash, and they choose this. I blame the teacher. She should have given them better choices. Not all of us feed our children a steady diet of crap. It really bothers me that she really could not give a reason for why they will see this show (and the cheep tickets are 30€) besides there are worst choices. Our society is far to willing to accept and pay for dirt. if we did not pay for it, they would have to give us better! I’m not going to encourage Nicole to stand outside while her class goes to this play. I don’t want to make her an joke or weirdo. I’m just disappointed that this is what’s being offered.


caring for the garden said...

What are Nicole's thoughts on this subject?

Shelley said...

This was the hard thing about having Carmen in public school we faced these decisions every week it seemed and Carmen was influenced by what she was taught.

When we took really hard stands against what we knew about taking Carmen out of the situation made things worst for Carmen making her feel out of place or made fun of.

There is a balance to far how you push the important thing is to have good communication with your kids that they feel they can talk to you.

When you preach to them, tell them what they should do instead of praying for them and discussing the consequences of their choices they make.

You push them in a direction you do not want them to go.

It's hard being a parent when the people who teach your child don't believe what you do and they spend more time with your child than you do.

Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.

We have friends that told their daughters if you get a tattoo we will stop paying for college.
So far it's worked for them.

When our kids where in high school we told our girls if you don't kiss a boy we will give you a $100 a year. It worked with Lissa but not with Carmen.

You need to understand your child's bent.

Our kids will face things we don't want them to face and they need to learn how to handle it.

We won't always be there to protect them, so we need to prepare them to protect themselves and trust the Lord for themselves.

We can't give them our faith as much as we want to.

They have to find it themselves.

We can pray and trust God he loves our children more than we do.