Monday, June 22, 2009


We are looking at the Waldorf school for Philip. He is very unhappy in his school and this is the only private alternative for him. The video is in German. It would not be the best school for many kids, but Philip needs a better school. Please pray for us. We need wisdom about where to place Philip. He really needs a more positive environment. The treatment for ADHD is very good, but that is only part of what he needs. I feel like these are very important years for both our sons. They are going to be teenagers. Peers, and self worth really come into play. We need to establish them more…we need wisdom. One of Philips friends from church just got into the Waldorf school. One of the big plus’ is he would have a good friend. We respect and trust the family. Really, you don’t want to send your child to play at “so and so’s” house when you do not trust “so and so’s” parents. Do you know what I mean?

It is not a good school for "gifted" kids. It goes too slow. It also has an odd spiritual background (new age)...but they don't push it. I don't like this, but I also don't like the secular environment he is in now. His present school is a moral graveyard! There is no perfect place for him. It is a search for the best…not the perfect.

They do other things like garden work. This would be very good for Philip. He will never do great in academics...he needs other tasks he can do well in.

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