Friday, June 19, 2009

Philip is doing good!

Philip got a C in dictation today. Last time he had an F. He also read me a entire first grade book "Little Red Riding hood". OK, he is in the 3rd grade, but he could not read 2 pages a month ago! I bought him a pocket knife. He can have the knife when he finishes 5 books. He really wants the knife. Nicole asks, "are you sure he is going to be ok with it (the knife)"? He will not be allowed to take it to school, and if he ever points it at anyone I will take it away. He wants to carve wood. Don't all 10 year old boys want a pocket knife? Thomas won one in church for memorizing Bible verses. He pointed it at Philip (who was getting on his nerves). I took it away for a time. I'll give it back again...probably when I give Philip his knife.


Shelley said...

Grace miller has a pocket knife she is my niece. It cracked me up when she whipped out of her short pocket. I asked if anyone had one so I could open my gift not expecting my little niece would have one handy.

BCricket said...

That is wonderful to hear that he is improving so well. I hope it continues. Love, Bridget