Monday, June 08, 2009

An ounce of prevention

We are back from our wonderful vacation. I was so tired before the trip. My mind was tired and my emotions too. I was so dry. I needed that trip. I needed that rest. It was healthy for all of us. It was a good investment in our well being. I am wondering if we need Thailand. What was I thinking when I got those tickets to Thailand in August? Why Thailand? Why now? I'm sure we would do fine if we didn't travel to Thailand. But I was thinking about our sons. They are both pre teens. I've read Internationally adopted boys have problems when they are teenagers. They have trouble trying to figure out who they are. I guess I was thinking it would be good for them to take another trip home. I want to go to their orphanage in Bangkok. I want them to blow bubbles for the kids, give them candy, and bring gifts to the nannies. I think its important for them to give back to the people who cared for them when they were little. I also want our family to have some new and fresh memories of days spent on the beaches in Hua Hin. I want Thailand to be fresh and good in their minds. I want to help them build a bridge from their past into their future. We are already talking about sending them to America to visit Uncle Rickey next summer. They are Thai, German and American. They are wonderfully complex and I think it's important for them to feel comfortable with all that they are. I guess it's just an ounce of prevention so that they don't have to have a strong identity crisis. It may seem odd we are already planning another vacation, but I felt like we needed to do this for the boys. Everyone should go home from time to time. I'll need to take Sarah to China a few years.

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