Monday, November 15, 2010

The weather and a 100 year party

We had really beautiful weather yesterday. I guess it was the calm before the storm. Today it's dark and wet. I'm afraid it is going to be cold and dark for months. I'm no fan of winter. I'm sorting socks today. This is one of my least favorite jobs. We have 14 feet in this house. Each one of us has way too many socks...and it's so hard to get them sorted out! I often feel like tossing the whole pile out and starting over. I’m also thinking about the 100th birthday party of Juergen and I. I think I want to do it in the spring (April). I think we should have it at our church. I want everyone to do skits and sing songs. I also want Juergen and I to each give a 10 minute testimony about our lives and faith. We are now 100 years old together…but only until June! Would any of my friends or family from America like to come to our party?

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