Friday, November 05, 2010

Sunday Nov 7th is Orphan Sunday

Today I took Philip and Thomas to the Orthodontist. Afterwards we stopped by Chang Mai Food land (a Thai food hole in the wall restaurant). We ordered the food to go. As we waited there we talked. I remembered when Thomas first came home from Thailand. He wanted to have his hair colored yellow. I said no. He hated everything to do with Thailand. He would cry when we went to a Thai Restaurant. Why? Because he feared going back to the orphanage. He never wanted to be an orphan again. So we took a vacation to Thailand. I made him face that fear. We went to his orphanage. Then, we left with him. After that he knew he was not an orphan anymore...he was a son. He looks forward to Christmas. He knows he will not be disappointed. And he is proud of his beautiful dark brown hair and brown eyes. He loves Thai food. He loves his beautiful home country! I've seen the eyes of kids that have waited...and have lost hope. Adoption is such a powerful thing! If you can not adopt, help some one who can.
Nicole wants to go on a trip after she graduates from school. Thailand is her number one choice. We will see. I told her to look into volunteering at this Christian orphanage in Bangkok. She could maybe go with her friends for 2 weeks of vacation, and then stay for 3-6 months of volunteer work. Just one of our MANY ideas. We will see what actually happens. I would love to go to Thailand again!

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