Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We had a nice trip

It's 5 hours there and then 5 hours home but we had a great weekend with Richard (Juergen's dad). He is doing well. He forgets things more and more (he is 83). But he can manage his daily living pretty well. Juergen's brother is very near to help. I wish we had that big house that was for sale. I could have a room for Richard to live in. I can not imagine him wanting to really move...but he would come for very long visits. Richard is a great man. Juergen has a wonderful father! I loved cooking for him. He was very happy to try new stuff. I can not cook as well as Juergen's mom could...but I've gotten better. I baked cheese wrapped in Italian ham. Juergen doesn't like it, but the kids love it. Richard loves it too. In fact he eat so much cheese, I thought he would get a stomachache. I'm hoping we can go up again at Christmas. I invited Ricard here, but he didn't seem too comfortable with the thought. He does fine when he is home. It seems about all he can manage. I respect that.


caring for the garden said...

So glad to hear that Richard is doing well. He really is a very wonderful man, just like a brother to us.

As we grow older we tend to stick close to home. It is less stress when in familiar settings and it doesn't take a lot to create stress. It is great that you are taking that into consideration. Not all younger folks have the ability to look at life from the perspective of others.

So Nicole brought you the gift of head lice. But did she have a good time in Vienna? How did the opera go? We want to hear all about it.Did Thomas have a good time in Stutgardt? What did he like best?

safik said...
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