Friday, November 12, 2010

Life, death and gingerbread

I spent the whole morning taking everything out of our very large living room cabinets, moving the cabinets, and putting everything back. We have way too much stuff! Anyway, it's done. I had to make some space in the room. God willing, Juergen and Nicole will pick up my China cabinet and sideboard. We still need to move the fish tank. And I can already hear Juergen tell me for the 100Th time how he wants to get rid of the fish. I like the fish, and so does Jessica. In fact I think Jessica always wants to sleep in the living room because of the sound of the fish tank pump. I personally like to drink my coffee and watch the fish. It calms my mind. So I want to move the tank to the other side of the room, but I want to keep it!

I will have my birthday party tonight (again God willing) at a Chinese Restaurant. I have invited 8 good friends. I will not need to cook or clean, just enjoy! Two of the friends coming are Peter and Petra Lang. We use to live in a 2 family house together in Rot. Petra called me today. Our old landlord died of stomach Cancer. The funeral is today. She will go, and send my condolences. He was only 71 years old. Now that I'm 49, that seems very young to me! He was a very cheerful and kind man. I'm sorry to hear this news.
I am going to be building gingerbread houses with Sarah and Byram. Byram is the little boy I'm watching, so Philip's best friend, and sister can attend Royal Rangers. So instead of attending a funeral, I'm making gingerbread houses. I'm actually considering inviting a few other children I've met. We will be making cookies, doing crafts, and anything else I can think of. So do not be surprised if I have a half a dozen kids at my house every Friday afternoon. God willing it will give us a door into their lives, and community. I was in the home of Sarah's best friend last night. They had a birthday party. It makes me happy to see the love this family has for their daughter. It makes me sad to see the poverty they live with. I want to bring paint, and flowers there. I want to give them our extra blankets, and toys. I know we don't have a good enough relationship yet. You don't just ask a family...can I paint your house? But someday I will ask them. In the spring I will bring flowers, and build my high raised beds there. They will eat salad, and tomato's because I have a vision to bring it there. I can not make it all better for them...but I will do what I can. I would feel so sad if I just enjoyed my good life, and ignored the poverty 3 blocks away.
I'm so grateful to God for blessing us with every good thing. But God does not bless any of us so that we can keep it to ourselves. He blesses us to bless others. My grandpa Moreno use to pack his truck with rice and beans, blankets and medication and drive it down to Mexico every year. That made such a strong impression on me. I'll never forget it. You are blessed to be a blessing. And I am so blessed...I am aware of the riches of God. Sometimes I feel so could I have so much?


caring for the garden said...

You are indeed, both blessed and a true blessing to others. Like it or not, seems you have a children's ministry in your home every Friday. Funny how God leads, sometimes herds us into new areas. He knows what is needed and He knows how to use willing hands to accompish His will. Yours have always been willing.

Amy, since Jess sometimes has trouble sleeping and seeks out the fish tank, why have you not moved the fish tank into her room?

RamblingMother said...

Have a wonderful birthday celebration.