Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God is in control

I was going out to breakfast with a good friend today but Jessica got sick. She has a cold. Her nose is running, she has a cough and a small fever. She fell asleep on the couch in the living room. It's so sweet to see her face. We found out that she probablly does get to go to the new autism house they are planning for people with adult autism. She was going to go to a disabled workshop after she finshes school. We never really felt excited about this. Then we got word a workshop just for autistic people was being planned. Now we have heard Jess can probably go there, and her dear teacher may even go with her. Jessica has a private teacher she loves. Her teacher may even get to continue to be with Jessica. You know what, I did not stress out over her future, I prayed. Now I can just cry as I see her future unfold before her. We did not plan it, but God had it planned! It is not 100% sure she get’s to go…but it looks very good!

The other news of the day is a new house I want to look at. It’s being sold privately (that saves about 4% off the price). It still cost more then I want to spend, but the location is pretty good. Maybe it's too hard to get to? I need to drive there to see! It has a very large yard, and it’s been renovated. I’ll write more about it later if we get to see it. I guess what I need right now is to remember that I prayed about Jessica’s school. I did not stress out, I prayed. Now I’m seeing her future unfold perfectly. It was out of my hands…and God has done more then I could ever ask or hope. So I need to pray for my house! HERE is the website for the house. It’s in German, but there are allot of pictures.

Update on the house...
Jessica and I drove there. The location is awful! It also looks like they have a great photographer because the house doesn't look at all like the pictures. This is but no!

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