Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I called my dad tonight to tease him about dancing with the stars. He of course thinks Jennifer should win because she is the best dancer. I agree, she is the best dancer. But Bristol Palin is the most improved. My mom told dad he wasn't allowed to break the TV if Bristol wins! So dad...be good! I almost think Bristol deserves to win because of the unfair way she was attacked when she was just a "private person". They put her on the show totally expecting her to be voted off early. People watched to see a train wreak! That took courage! But after I talked to dad I watched the dances on you tube. I love Kyle! He has a killer personality. I think all the black Democrats should get out and vote for him! Sorry, just kidding! People are so ridiculous! Isn't it all so stupid!!!! IT IS A DANCE SHOW! People should really relax a little! What will the next election cycle be like? I love Palin, but I sure hope she doesn't run. She brings out the ugly in some people. The country has some major problems. People need to stop this stupid fighting! I applaud Bristol Palin. She is a shy young kid. Boy has she grown! Totally amazing! But North Korea is trying to start a war with South Korea. Get a perspective. It is just a show. It's OK to elect winners of dance shows based on popularity...and not talent. Now when we start voting politicians into office based on ability and qualifications and record, we may actually see some change we can believe in!

UPDATE: Jennifer (the best dancer) won. Kyle took 2nd place, and Bristol took 3rd place. America voted...and it worked out! I am proud of Bristol Palin. I think she is very brave for a 20 year old kid. I'm glad she did not win. If she won, some crazy person would try to kill her.

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