Thursday, November 18, 2010

she is sleeping

Poor Jessica is really sick. She slept most of yesterday, all night, and sleeps now. She is very warm. You can see the stress in her face. My poor sweetheart! My mom asks to hear more about the adult autism center. I do not know much (yet). It will be in Sandhausen. This is very near to where we live. They will have their own house just for autistic people. Jessica will work there during the day. We have no interest in putting her in a residential situation. It is just a day care situation. It looks like it will start in September. It looks like her teacher will go with her. We hope she can continue to learn. She likes to work, but she also likes to learn. To be honest it seems like the 100% dream situation for her. Everything depends on funding. That's being considered right to pay for it. I have peace about it.

Today Juergen has gone with Nicole to the Art Academy of Karlsruhe. It is the 2ND oldest art University in Germany and very famous. They have a student information day today. Nicole will be able to find out if this is really the direction she should follow. Juergen and I where sceptical about an art degree. But her painting has gotten amazingly good lately. I think I would still like her to get a degree in art education. That way she can work as a teacher. I want her to have the means to earn a living. She may be a great artist, but often it's hard to eat from art. She is very interested in illustration. At Karlsruhe she will learn all forms of classical Art. painting, sculpting and illustration.

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe

The painting above is by Akela Möhren who was a student in Karlsruhe 1959-1962

and this is by Wilhelm Hasemann 1850-1913

and this is by Alexander Kanoldt 1881-1939 who was also a student in Karlsruhe

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Thanks for the clarification on the home for autistic adults, The way you explained it, it does sound good.