Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's been a full day

Last night we had a really wonderful birthday dinner at an all you can eat Chinese restaurant. They also had Mongolian barbecue. My friends loved the sea food. They had octopus and shrimp. I loved the sushi. But more then the food, I love my dear friends. I love sitting down with them and sharing stories. I prayed it would be a restful and inspiring evening. I was very blessed.
This morning I drained most of the fish tank and moved it across the room. The kids helped. Juergen and Nicole picked up my china cabinet and side board. I love the furniture! I could just sit there and look at it for hours! The big problem is, my house is not nice enough for this furniture. We need a new house! Actually it looks very good! I'll take pictures tomorrow. I'm really tired!

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