Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An eye for a bargain

Juergen took a few hours off to look at the farm house in Kronau. It was way too small for our family. The garden and barn are really nice. The house it’s self needs allot of work. The house cost 165,000 Euro. For another 100,000 Euro, it could be nice for 4 people. We are 7 people, and need much more space. It did manage to make my favorite farm house in Bad Schönborn look really good! Maybe Juergen is ready to ask an architect to look at the farm house to see what can be done to it…and at what price. I traded 3 days for 2 hours. Juergen was suppose to take 3 days off before his trip to Canada. Things at work are so crazy he just couldn’t do that. So instead I asked him for the 2 hours it took to see this house. If in the end I get my farm house in Bad Schönborn, you can say I was getting a very good deal?

The photo is Nicole’s latest painting. I think it’s very cool!


Rick Moreno said...

nice transistions, very cool.

Rick Moreno said...

nice transissions, very cool!