Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to wish for?

We had a little birthday breakfast today. The food was great, and Nicole liked her gifts. I got her 3 DVD's on water color and acrylic painting. I also got her Toy Story bed sheets (very cute) and a stuffed Darth Vader doll. She was making jokes with the Vader doll. First she thought of bringing him to camp next year (all the girls bring a stuffed animal). Then she started dancing around with him singing, "you have a friend in me". That's the theme song to Toy Story if you didn't know that. Maybe we can make an animated short film with the stuffed Vader Doll? Tonight we are going out to Thai food and a movie. I don't know what Nicole wished for when she blew her candle out. I wish she hadn't grown up so fast. The years have flown by!

Today is my nephew Gary's 22 birthday. I wish Gary every good thing this coming year! God Establish and Bless you, God grant you favor and good health, God bless you with good friends that love you, and people you can love. God give you purpose and joy!


Jill W said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole! Have a wonderful day!!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday Nicole my God be with you.
Love, Aunt Shelley