Saturday, August 14, 2010

we are here

My cell phone doesn’t work. The internet only works in the hotel lobby. So I wrote this short post in my room, and hopefully I can send it off before we take off for the day. I ended up taking Sarah along at the last minute. This means I’m not going to have the carefree weekend I had hoped for, but Juergen will have an easier time of it. Sarah came to play with Ann and Daniel’s daughter Emelia. She is a doll! Sarah couldn’t be more excited! I’m sad my friend Anna couldn’t come. Her son got sick at the last minute. I had looked forward to spending some time with Anna. But Sarah has a new friend, and that’s also very important. The conference opened with a worship service and a short sermon. Actually it was all pretty short. The conference begins at 9:30. Daniel is playing drums this morning. He and Emelia are staying with a family. We are in a hotel. The hotel is ok. The major problem is parking, or a lack of it. I had to park on the street, and get up at 6:30 to move the car. I found the only legal parking space in the lot. Thank God for that! I wish I didn’t need to get up so early. I’m not going to be spoiled this weekend. No 5 star anything! We eat sandwiches from a supermarket last night. I forgot how expensive Switzerland is! We will go to the same supermarket for breakfast. Our hotel serves breakfast, but they charge 11 Euro per person. That is ridicules! There is a McDonalds across the way, but it doesn’t open until 10am. I do not understand what people see in this country? I find it over priced and inconvenient!
Anyway, the worship was good last night. I love spending this time with Nicole and Sarah. We are also here with our babysitter and friend Daniela. She is an over worked student. I hope it is a good break for her! I’m thinking and praying allot for Philip and Thomas. God is reminding me allot of his faithfulness. I’m sure I’ll return home with a better attitude and maybe a little more faith. If you didn’t already know it, I worry about my sons. I need faith, not worry. This requires a certain amount of letting go. I’m sure I’m not the first parent that worried, or had a hard time letting go. I do not want to see them mess-up their lives with foolish mistakes. And yes, the world has always had temptations. But they seem to be swimming in a sea of challenges. It seems harder now to choose what is right because there is very little good here. Straight is the way that leads to life, and few find it. We do not live in a country where 20% of the folks believe in God, we live where only 4% believe. And we live in a time where the darkness is getting darker. The darkness is getting darker, but the light is getting lighter too. I am only going to be happy when I see my sons firmly in the light.

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